Charges for Static Recreational Caravans for the Licence Year

from 1st MARCH 2024 to the end of FEBRUARY 2025 (subject to amendment at any time without notice)

Some items will change with any change in the rate of VAT which has been included at 20% and 5% where applicable. Any items may vary with changes of the VAT rules.

Annual Standing Charge

For the Licence Year from 1st March 2024 to the end of February 2025

Deposit instalment by 7th November 2023 or by reservation,
2nd instalment by 28th February 2024 or on later reservation,
Balance by 30th June 2024 or on later reservation.

i.   Standings up to 32ft in length by 10ft wide:      £3456.00 (Each instalment £1152.00)
ii.  Standings 32ft to 37ft length by 10ft wide:        £3591.00 (Each instalment £1197.00)
iii.  Certain 22ft long by 10ft wide standings:         £3213.00 (Each instalment £1071.00)

* Subject to apportionment scale from reservation if this and occupation starts after 1st March 2024


Rates, Refuse & Water

Local authority charges on caravans & standings & the costs associated with the collection of refuse & the supply of water & disposal of wastewater will be passed on additionally by the Company when known (April approx.). Charged on for the year 1st March 2024 to end February 2025 for Caravans in Private Recreational Use (this season includes a reduction on the rates element of the bill as given by Arun District Council) :-

Group i: £292.80 
Group ii: £311.84
Group iii: £280.90

(Let caravans and others in exceptional use are subject to extra charges)
* Subject to apportionment as Annual Standing Charge


Electricity Units

Charged for in accordance with the ‘Offer’ regulations for the Southern Electric plc area.
Charged in Spring and Autumn. 31.563p each from 1st reading after 29th December 2023.


Gas Supplies

19 kg Propane £53.00.
47 kg Propane £110.00. Payment with order please.


Other Sundries

We will be happy to quote for caravan steps and axle stands, fire extinguishers, television aerials, gas regulators, and other gas fittings.


Static Caravan Insurance

We charge an administration fee to check that suitable insurance is in place each year.

We currently work with CBI Insurance (01492 534 524) - their policies do NOT attract an administration fee from us. You are, of course, free to seek out Insurance from an alternative provider; in this instance, we will make an administration charge of £20 (yearly) which reflects dealing with Insurance policies that are unfamiliar to us (you would need to provide the Park Office with a copy of the complete policy and certificate for us to go through to verify documentation and ensure suitability of the chosen product).

“We are not insurance experts and check only the name of the insured, period of cover and the sums insured. We assume no duty to you to check you have insured against the correct risks.”


i. Pink form system 23.50% of hire charge. Entry in the Company’s Letting List is included if required (subject to standard)
ii. White Forms (Relatives and Friends not making any payment - no charge.



Please ask for a quotation.

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