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The Park.

- The reception & office is accessed by two steps with a handrail fixed the left of door. There is a bell at wheelchair height to attract the attention of staff.

- The office is open from approximately 8 am to 6 pm 7 days a week from 1st March to 7th January. There is member of staff onsite during these hours. Although they may not necessarily be in the office, but on duty elsewhere within the grounds. In this eventuality, a notice advising of whereabouts is posted in the office window.

- The Public Telephone has no special adaptations and is housed in a booth that has a small sill at the entrance, which is approximately 10 cm high by 10 cm wide. The width of the booth is 60 cm. Notices advising emergency services, hospitals etc are displayed.

- Mobile phone reception is good throughout the park.

- The main park roadway is tarmac with speed humps and there is an automatic barrier at the front entrance to discourage speeding. As the roadway is also used as a pedestrian way, there is a speed limit of 5 miles per hour throughout the park.

- Roadways and paths are well lit throughout.

- Household rubbish bins are provided by the laundry, behind the office, at the rear of the games room and at the west end of the park. A card and paper recycling bin is also provided behind the office. All bins are of the 1100 litre, roll-topped ‘wheelie’ bin variety.

- The Laundrette has been relocated to the Northwest area of the Central Building and has 2 washing machines 2 dryers all of which are front loading. Line drying facilities are available in a fenced compound outside the laundry. There are also hand basins, a spin dryer and the facility to iron clothes within the Laundry. Doors are wide with escape bars internally and key codes to enter.

- Unisex/Disabled Public Toilet. This is at the Southwest area of the Central Building (Games Room) and comprises a toilet with disability bars, low-level basin and hand dryer. There is also a urinal at standard adult height. It is accessed by keypad (code available from the Park Office).  Even though each holiday home has its own internal plumbing, the public toilets are available throughout the year as they have a keypad to keep secure.

- The games room has double opening doors 160 cm wide at ground level, and a subsidiary side door, which is 71 cm wide. Both have ramped access and theatre bar style closures.

Access statement for brookside holiday caravan park. Holiday caravans and caravan holidays in Littlehampton West Sussex. Close to Arundel, Worthing, Bognor Regis and a few miles from the South Downs. Brookside is a great place to take your holiday or own your own caravan holiday home.

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