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         - Providing a natural and healthy environment for the use of our customers

- Protecting wildlife and encouraging natural habitats

- Planting of native trees and the provision of wildlife refuges

- The provision of a field for the benefit of both  our customers and wildlife

- Provision of  communal compost bins

- Limited use of weed killer and other sprays.

- Promoting walking. public transport, and both natural and cultural attractions in the area.


After getting planning permission to develop the field, we started planting an assortment of native trees in Autumn 2010. We have planted numerous trees including White Willow and are developing a dedicated wildlife zone to enhance the existing flora and fauna. There will also be an area for the children to play and for grown-ups to stroll and watch the sun set over Arundel and its Castle. ‘Twitchers’ should watch out for the many birds including the reed warblers, sky larks, and bats.

Although still limited in number, we are seeing increasingly diverse wildflowers appearing and are adding to these with a special mix cultivated in Chichester.

A new laundry is was built within existing buildings in March 2012 using eco friendly washing machines & dryers.

We are sourcing greener lighting including solar PIRs.


Access statement for brookside holiday caravan park. Holiday caravans and caravan holidays in Littlehampton West Sussex. Close to Arundel, Worthing, Bognor Regis and a few miles from the South Downs. Brookside is a great place to take your holiday or own your own caravan holiday home.

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