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 All of us here at Brookside are committed to continuously improving the Park and its effects on the Environment.  Our aim is to raise awareness of both our staff and guests with regard to green issues and endeavour to use environmentally best practices in all that we do, whilst complying with current environmental legislation

To this end we are implementing many measures to ensure that Brookside conserves natural resources by finding environmental solutions, undertaking good practice, and monitoring the progress of environmental performance on a regular basis. Some of the measures we are taking include:-

      - Use of low energy light bulbs, Passive Infra Red sensors, and down reflectors on street         lighting  to reduce light pollution

- Daily monitoring of water usage to reduce waste from leaks

- Use of Eco friendly cleaning products and recycled products as far as possible

- Implementation of recycling of waste, especially glass, plastic and paper,

which form the bulk of our waste. Fabric recycling facility added in early 2011

- Recycling items such as toner cartridges and surplus other sundries where possible

- Being totally non-smoking in all public areas and our caravans                                                                                                

Access statement for brookside holiday caravan park. Holiday caravans and caravan holidays in Littlehampton West Sussex. Close to Arundel, Worthing, Bognor Regis and a few miles from the South Downs. Brookside is a great place to take your holiday or own your own caravan holiday home.

We are helping nature flourish throughout the park. The ducks are frequent visitors to Brookside! Click for Page 2    Local Goods