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                                   BROOKSIDE        General Information

IN EMERGENCY               After 6pm our staff are not ‘on-call’. Please telephone 07436 816375 for assistance,

                                           or 999 for police and ambulance or 0845 6070999 for non-emergency police assistance.

ADDRESS                         Please arrange for letters to be addressed with your name and Caravan Number,

                                           c/o Brookside Caravan Park, Lyminster Road, Lyminster,  Littlehampton, West Sussex.  BN17 7QE

                                           A note of mail received will be placed in the window of the park office.

BUS-STOP                        Nearest is at ‘Six Bells’ Inn. Turn right out of the park gate, about 200 yards.

PAYPHONE                       for visitors is beside the office. 20 pence minimum charge. Incoming calls cannot be received.

CARS                                 One car per caravan only can be accommodated. There is a large parking area at the top of the park and smaller

                                           areas near the gate and by the central building. The car may usually be parked alongside the caravan if this can be                                            done without causing obstruction  or inconvenience, but we may suspend during wet weather, work

                                           on the ground, etc. Speed limit is 5 mph throughout. No learner drivers please. Always watch out for children!

CHILDREN                        are always welcome but please bring a plastic sheet if there is any danger of damaging a caravan mattress.

                                          Small children should always be supervised. Children should NEVER be left alone in a caravan.

DOGS                                 and cats and similar animals cannot be admitted.

DOCTORS                         Details are displayed at the visitors’ telephone.

ELECTRICITY                    Only lighting and points suitable for TV, Radio, ‘Fridge and Vacuum are installed in the

                                            caravans. Cookers, Fires, Irons etc., will trip out the supply. There is an iron in the laundry.

FIRE PRECAUTIONS        On arrival please make yourself familiar with the park fire instructions. Note the

                                            location of your caravan’s fire extinguisher, the nearest fire point and the telephone.

GAS REFILLS                    Periodic delivery. Please order at the office as soon as one cylinder is empty. Use only one cylinder at a time.

LOST PROPERTY             Please hand in, advise losses, and claim at the park office.

LUGGAGE                         May be sent in advance addressed as above.

SHOPS                               There is a  shopping parade at Wick. Turn right out of the gate and keep straight ahead for about ¾ mile.

WASHING                          may be hung to dry in the enclosure adjoining the laundry. Towels and bathing costumes only may be hung

                                            discretely at the rear of the caravan.

PLEASE CO-OPERATE   towards maintaining high standards of cleanliness, tidiness and safety in the caravans and the park.

                                           THANK YOU

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