Dear Hirer, Please print, complete this form and send it to the Caravan Owner.


To :- (Caravan Owner) M __________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________

Please reserve for me your CARAVAN No. ______ SMOKING/NON-SMOKING

at the Brookside Holiday Caravan Park, Lyminster, Littlehampton, West Sussex, for the period

from 3pm _______________ to 10am _______________

My particulars are :- Mr. / Mrs. etc. Initials and SURNAME and Age if under 21

1. ______________________________________________

FULL ADDRESS _________________________________


Telephone No. ________________ The members of my Party will be

Mr / Mrs etc. Initials and SURNAME (Age if under 21)

Occupying Double Beds Occupying Single Beds

___________________ _________________

___________________ _________________

___________________ _________________

___________________ _________________

I enclose a crossed Cheque / Money Order / Postal Order to the value of £_____

being the deposit of £50.00 per caravan per week. I have read and agree to accept as hirer the Caravan Holiday Conditions of Reservation set out below this form and I agree to pay the balance due to you 21 days before the start of this holiday.

(Signed) _______________ (dated) _______________



Dear Hirer, Please KEEP this information.


Address - Please arrange for letters to be addressed with your name and Caravan Number, c/o Brookside Holiday Caravan Park, Lyminster, Littlehampton, West Sussex. BN17 7QE. A note of mail will be placed in the window of the park office.

Bus stop - Nearest is at 'Six Bells' Inn. Turn right out of the park gate, about 200 yards. (Or turn left for Church Corner, about 300 yards)

Payphone - for visitors is beside the office. Incoming calls cannot be received.

Cars - one car per caravan only can be accommodated. There is a large parking area at the West end of the park, and smaller areas near the gate and by the central building. The car may usually be parked alongside the caravan if this can be done without causing obstruction or inconvenience, but this facility is subject to suspension during wet weather, work on the ground, etc. Speed limit is 5mph throughout. No learner drivers please. Always watch out for children!

Children - are always welcome but please bring a mattress protector if there is any danger of damaging a caravan mattress. Small children should always be supervised. Children should NEVER be left alone in a caravan.

Dogs - and cats and similar animals cannot be admitted.

Doctors - details are displayed at the visitors telephone.

Electricity - Only lighting and points suitable for TV, Radio, 'Fridge and Vacuum are installed in the caravans. Cookers, Fires, Irons etc., will trip out the supply. There is an iron in the laundry and 13amp points for your own.

Fire precautions - On arrival please make yourself familiar with the park fire instructions. Note the location of your caravan's fire extinguisher, the nearest fire point and the telephone.

Gas Refills - Delivery takes place on Wednesday and Saturday. Please order at the office as soon as one cylinder is empty. Caravans with changeover regulators have both bottles on at once. Caravans with 'old-style' regulator, please use only one cylinder at a time.

Lost property - Please hand in, advise losses, and claim at the park office.

Luggage - May be sent in advance addressed as above.

Shops - There is a comprehensive shopping parade at Wick. Turn right out of the gate and keep straight ahead for about 3/4 mile.

Washing - may be hung to dry in the enclosure adjoining the laundry. Towels and bathing costumes only may be hung discreetly at the rear of the caravan.

Please cooperate - towards maintaining high standards of cleanliness, tidiness and safety in the caravans and the park.




BROOKSIDE (Brookside Holiday Camp Ltd.)


1. The booking constitutes a contract between the caravan owner (the owner) and the caravan hirer (the hirer) in the terms of the completed booking application and acceptance forms but is always limited by the agreement or license, and the conditions thereof, (the license) granted to the owner by Brookside Holiday Camp Ltd (the Company). During the period of the booking the owner grants to the hirer entitlement to use the owner's caravan at the Company's Brookside park and the facilities of the park in compliance with the licence but not otherwise. The Company shall not be held responsible for any action, default or negligence either on the part of the owner or of the hirer.

2. A deposit in the amount stated in the Company's current list of letting caravans is payable to the owner on booking. The balance of the account must be paid to the owner at least 21 days before the commencement of the holiday and if not received by that time the owner may consider the booking cancelled and instruct the Company not to admit the hirer.

3. The Company reserves the right to cancel the booking or to terminate the occupancy at any time

(i) if there is any breach of these conditions by the hirer or of the licence by the owner,

(ii) if the hirer or his/her party does not conform to the details given in the application form,

(iii) if the hirer or his/her party does anything which disturbs the reasonable enjoyment of other users of the park or the surroundings, and upon request by any member of the park staff or any other proper authority does not cease and refrain from repeating this and from causing any similar disturbance,

(iv) due to circumstances beyond its control. In any such case no liability shall fall on the Company.

4. Should the booking be cancelled or the occupancy terminated by the hirer for any reason, or by the owner on account of any breach of these conditions by the hirer, then the owner shall retain the deposit and the hirer's liability to pay the balance shall be in no way diminished, except that where the owner is able successfully to re-let the caravan he/she will, after the retention of the deposit and deduction of any expenses or losses, refund to the hirer any balance remaining or reduce his/her liability by the same amount.

5. The Company accepts no liability or responsibility for hirer's loss, damage or personal injury occurring in or about the caravans. Whether in or about the caravans or elsewhere on the park the owner and the hirer shall observe and perform all reasonable steps for securing the safety and security of all persons and property and in particular the hirer shall provide an appropriate level of supervision and assistance for any children and elderly or disabled people in his/her party.

6. The owner will make the caravan available to the hirer fully equipped except for linen (bed linen may be provided if so indicated) and in a clean and tidy condition at the commencement of the period of hire. The hirer may collect the caravan key/s either from the owner or from the Company's park office. The hirer must check the caravan's inventory on arrival and report to the owner any shortages, breakages or damage and thereafter must report and pay for any such as they occur during his/her occupancy and shall be liable to pay for any such that he/she fails to report. The hirer shall also secure that the caravan is left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the period of hire and must return the caravan key/s to the Company's park office or to the owner before leaving the park.

7. The hirer shall abide by the rules and restrictions published about the park by notice or by any other means.

8. The caravan must not be occupied, for the purpose of sleeping, by more than there are berths provided.

9. The hirer must not bring any dog or other domestic pet into the caravan or onto the Company's property.

PLEASE NOTE. If there is any difficulty in making the balance payment by the due date, or if for any reason you have to cancel the booking, do not wait for the due date but let the owner know the circumstances AT ONCE in order that you may be given any possible assistance.

Brookside Holiday Camp Ltd., Lyminster, Littlehampton, West Sussex. BN17 7QE Tel/Fax 01903 713292 e-mail